Speech Language Pathologist SLP Job Duties, Salary, Education

Job Duties for a Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologist Jobs in Schools

Speech pathologists, sometimes called SLP’s or speech therapists, treat and assess children in schools with voice, language, fluency, and speech disorders. Speech Pathologist work with kids in a school setting that have developmental problems or speech (such as delayed language development or stuttering. They also help stroke victims and everyone with a swallowing disorder most common in the elderly. Today we are going to read about speech-language pathology. I’m going to give you a quick rundown of the education requirements, job duties, some of the likes and dislikes, and then we will give you some detailed salary statistics so you can know exactly how much money these individuals make on average.

Speech Pathologist jobs in schools
Speech Pathologist jobs in schools

About The Education To Become An SLP or Speech Language Pathologist

Now what are the education requirements if you want to become a speech language Pathologist. Well generally speaking you’re going to have to have a master’s degree; so first off you do want to get an undergraduate degree which will be a bachelor’s degree. In this case; and you want to try to major in something like communication sciences or disorders and some universities are offering that as an undergrad option. If you don’t have that option you may want to go with something like communications speech or English that may help you prepare and reduce the amount of prerequisite courses that you may have to take for the master’s program.  You can sometimes get an unrelated degree and then go back and get a masters.

Once you go into the master’s program you won’t want to get a degree in speech language pathology and you are going to want to do that an accredited university; so that’s really important because they’re very strict about this They want you to get a degree from usually an originally accredited university. You will learn classroom skills and may have to take skills examinations and so forth. You will also have to do a 36-week clinical fellowship (CFY). Now once you get your degree over with and meet all those clinical requirements you can sit for the board’s exam. The now soon to be CFY will have to pass that, and once you do that, then you will have to also maintain continuing education (CEU’s) usually throughout your life which just that usually means that you have to attend some seminars and do maybe periodic testing and things like that. Now there is a website which is the American speech pathology Hearing Association website. ASHA.org They have more information about things like certification, the exact education requirements, and things like that, you might want to check out more information about that now.

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Job Duties for a Speech Pathologist

Let’s get started; what are the job duties for a speech language pathologist?These individuals evaluate patient’s speech language or swallowing abilities. Many times, they will work with stroke victims or the elderly who cannot swallow well, and they also create an identified treatment plan for these patients. They will help train patients to strengthen and use those muscles for swallowing, they also educate family members on ways to assist patients with speech problems and again with their diets. Speech pathologist will assist with language development or speech problems with in children that  are having a cognitive problem learning how to speak or if they have something like a rhythm problem or a lot of stuttering. An SLP will also work with those types of children or adults and they also up maintain and update patient records.

Now let’s talk about some of the likes and dislikes for this profession

One thing that these individuals love is helping others and they will for example have a stroke victim who’s struggling with swallowing and they’re able to retrain them to swallow and help them identify certain foods to avoid. They see their quality of life improve they also like to work with young children and see how a child won’t communicate because maybe they’ve come from a rough background or have some cognitive problem or something like that and just working with that child and see that child open up and blossom. That’s really a huge rewarding thing for individuals in this profession. Another thing is that they love the job options because with this profession you can work in hospitals, you can work as a speech pathologist in schools, you can work sometimes in a private practices, you also can work with a wide range of patients :you can work with the elderly, you can work with stroke victims, you can work with children,  so there’s a lot of variation with this job. People really like that aspect of it.

What about some of the dislikes; well they don’t like seeing people struggle. Kids being bullied, stroke victims having trouble eating, things like that. Those things can be a little bit disheartening sometimes; so that’s one thing; another thing is that jobs can be similar competitive in some areas but we’ll talk about some of those statistics in a moment. Finally sometimes people won’t understand their scope of practice and that can be kind of frustrating because for example: they won’t understand that they’re more than just teaching someone how to speak properly. They actually do a lot more than that and so sometimes I’ll find that frustrating.

About Speech Language Pathologist Jobs and Pay

Now let’s talk about the jobs outlook and salary statistics according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is a government organization that records and collects jobs data. They’re projecting a 25 percent growth right between years 2019 and 2025 which is really good for this profession.

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Now as far as the salary is concerned the average annual salary is going to be seventy-six thousand nine hundred dollars and the average hourly wage thirty-six dollars and ninety-seven cents. Now that’s only average and you may make more or less depending on the state in which you live, the industry in which you work, your years of experience and things like that.

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Let’s now hit a little bit about the Speech Pathologist Job industries

With the highest level of employments for these SLP positions are the number one elementary and secondary schools. The average pay there is sixty-eight thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. Offices of health practitioners came in at number two with eighty-two thousand seven hundred and seventy as the average salary there. Then general medical and surgical hospitals was the third with eighty thousand eight hundred and ten dollars of the average salary there. Now the top paying industries for this profession is an SLP travel contract worker coming in at eighty-five thousand per year only working 36 weeks in a school setting. (Contact us Now for contract work click here) The highest pay for a 52-week salary is medical and diagnostic labs, one hundred and five thousand six hundred and eighty was the average there. Home health care services came in at number two ninety-seven thousand four hundred and ten dollars. In nursing care facilities number three ninety one thousand five hundred and sixty dollars.

The top paying states for this profession was Connecticut eighty-eight thousand four hundred and sixty dollars was the average. California came in at number two eighty-eight thousand three hundred and thirty. In Alaska number three eighty eight thousand three hundred dollars.

What about the lowest paying States?  South Dakota came in at the bottom fifty-six thousand one hundred and ten dollars was the average. Mississippi number two sixty two thousand six twenty and in West Virginia number three sixty two thousand seven hundred and forty dollars.

Thanks for reading and learning about speech language pathologist SLP job duties, salary, and education. PLEASE connect with us if you are searching for an SLP job in medical, private, or school setting.

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