Speech Pathologist Jobs In Schools

Help SLPs, Since you are reading this; You must be searching for SLP Jobs in Schools. We are currently updating our website. We have 680 current SLP school openings in the US for 2019/2020 school year. If you are a speech language pathologist seeking an SLP job in schools; then plese send us your info and we will contact you with a job that is right for you.

SLP Jobs In Schools

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Why Speech Pathology School Positions Are A Great Career For You

If you are in speech pathology, you know that there are only so many places available to work. One of the most common of these settings are within schools. You will be working with children and most often children who need an slp in school to help. What do speech pathology school positions actually entail and what good will you be doing if you take one of the lucrative SLP school positions.

The first question, as to what you will be doing, is that you will be working with students who have the worst speech handicaps. They will usually have scheduled appointments with you, making it easy to know when they are coming and to keep track of their progress or IEPs. You will usually be able to determine how often you want to work with the special education team and beside small recommendations, you will usually be allowed to determine the program that they will follow. This gives you a lot of freedom and you will be able to work with students for at least a year, ensuring that they get the help they need from a school speech pathologist.

Speech Pathology School Jobs

In terms of the good that you will be doing, many of the students that you work with will be kids who can’t afford to get into speech programs any other way. They will be kids in K-12 who want so badly to learn and speak, to make sure that they are able to do everything like their peers. You will be a stabilizing force in their life that allows them to take on the world and to blend in with the other children in class.

In terms of pay, it is not always the highest, (unless you take an SLP school contract position) but it does tend to include a number of perks that other jobs will not. These include holidays off, paid inclement weather days, time off during the summer, and a schedule that is set in stone. You will never have to worry that you will have to work late and you will almost never have surprise appointments. If you are the kind of person who craves routine, this is going to be the best possible job for you to work.

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Finally, as to the question of being protected from problems such as budget cuts and teacher squabbles, the answer is that you will be protected. Speech pathology school positions are worked into the budget at a fixed rate, ensuring that you can offer your services without any problems. Problems with teachers and non-medical staff will not effect you; because you will not need to deal with anyone outside of the students you work with or the main office staff.

Overall, these positions are a great fit for someone who loves having a set schedule, who likes having time off to visit their friends and family, and who really wants to make a difference in the child’s world.

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